Move in the right direction!
Why Zenit Solutions and Move Marker?

In today's uncertain real estate climate, developers and real estate professionals face tremendous risk.
As the housing market fluctuates, timely information becomes even more critical. Expensive market studies that rely on dated information and faulty assumptions are not dependable. Only Zenit's information and data analysis can provide insight into how an individual's decisions can help shape local markets.

MoveMarker is a service that provides users with the unique ability to understand why people are moving to and from a particular market.
Our service interprets personal migration data and uses an innovative visualization system to display movement patterns throughout the United States.

In addition to providing the MoveMarker online tool, Zenit Solutions offers a customized consulting service.
By drawing on our years of experience in community and economic development, Zenit Solutions is able to provide clients with customized reports, surveys, marketing lists, and a unique data integration service. Data integration is critical for the success of any organization. Zenit's clients are able to integrate additional data with the MoveMarker interface to gain a more customized perspective of a specific market. Imagine home sales information combined with migration trends in an easy to view and access format. Zenit Solutions makes this process possible.

Who can use it?

Developers: MoveMarker can help developers both large and small assess market potential.
By comparing the current demographic composition of a specified area with the characteristics of the individuals moving into and out of the market area, developers can uncover profitable market trends. The Zenit Solution also provides clients with the ability to integrate their own data with the MoveMarker interface to generate customized reports and visualizations.

Real-Estate Professionals: MoveMarker allows real-estate professionals to easily identify the location of potential buyers in volatile markets.
Professionals can now target the right audience to ensure that their advertising efforts are effective.

Community and Government Organizations: MoveMarker provides the unique opportunity to evaluate the success of local development projects.
By exploring the demographic characteristics of movers into and out of a particular development or neighborhood, MoveMarker clients are able to recognize if their efforts are transforming markets. Moreover, Zenit offers clients with customized reports, mailing lists options, and expert analysis.

Relocation Firms: MoveMarker allows clients to find the ideal community for relocation.
Through demographic comparisons and neighborhood assessments, movers will be satisfied with their decision to move before the moving trucks arrive.

Retailers: MoveMarker allows retailers to perform advanced demographic analysis and accurately target their products.
Further leverage the power of MoveMarker to create charts, statistics, reports and mailing lists.