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What is Movemarker?
Move Marker is a service that provides users with the unique ability to understand why people are moving to and from a particular market. Our service interprets personal migration data and uses an innovative visualization system to display movement patterns throughout the United States.  Learn More.

Movemarker also provides an advanced consulting service that specializes in data integration, information visualization, and system architecture. To learn more about the technical capabilities of the Movemarker service, please refer to our white paper.
Why Movemarker?
Our unique information allows clients to identify hidden development opportunities and marketing options. By visualizing an individual's migration patterns, MoveMarker reduces the risks associated with development and real estate financing.  Learn More.

The Movemarker team has the experience and technical expertise to provide real-time solutions to an organization's data organization, interpretation, and integration problems. For more information on what technical services the Movemarker team can provide to you, please read our white paper.
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