Move in the right direction!
Zenit Solutions, LLC

Zenit Solutions, LLC is a data analysis and integration company that provides clients with a unique opportunity to use migration data to understand markets. Our primary service, Movemarker, is a web-based, data analysis service that helps users understand why people are moving to and from a particular market.

In addition to our online service, Movemarker also offers clients a personalized consulting service that specializes in data organization and data integration.

The Movemarker team is what differentiates Zenit Solutions from other data analysis companies. We rely on a wide range of skill sets, and the analytical expertise to provide clients with solutions they need to move in the right direction.

John-David Perry, CEO
The majority of John-David's work underscores his interest in examining how the human perspective can shape community development. Recently John-David has explored how individual migration patterns affect local housing markets. In the past, John-David has worked as a research analyst for Carnegie Mellon University and has served as a Harvard University fellow for Public Affairs. John-David received his Masters in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and his Bachelors degree from Harvard University.
Bob Gradeck, President
Since 1993, Bob has worked in partnership with community organizations and real estate professionals to develop strategies for improving neighborhoods. Bob received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and his Master's Degree in City Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has worked for Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School of Public Policy and Management for over nine years.
Gregory Mueller, Principal Designer
Gregory strives to reach beyond the symptoms people expose and design products that address the deeper issues both in creative and disruptive ways. Greg brings his varied experience in starts-ups and larger corporations to bare and is equally happy in the User Testing lab as he is grinding out design work, drawing mental models on the whiteboard or interfacing with customers. Gregory received his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and thinks Human-Centered design is a process not a result.
Nicolas Smallwood, Software Engineer
Nicolas has worked in a variety of technical domains including particle physics, file systems, distributed objects, and the web. He has held positions at Eastern Kentucky University, MAYA Design, and Content Vision. Nicolas holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Eastern Kentucky University and he has done graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University.
Christian F. Howes, Software Engineer
Christian brings his varied background as a musician, teacher, and versatile technologist together to build fun, informative new products. He has worked in start-up companies helping to build products from the ground up, all the way to providing on-site customer deployments and customization. Christian's ability to communicate with customers in plain English allows him and his teams to consistently build products that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of end users.
David Watson, Technical Strategist
David's work in high technology spans domains including content, network, and systems management, e-commerce, linux, and robotics. David's experience in commercial software includes stints at Legent, Platinum Technology, Computer Associates, MAYA Design, and Applied Perception. He holds a bachelor's degree from Duquesne University and won a transformation fellowship from Idea Foundry.